Iron Curtain "Year Of The Wolf"

by Anger Battery Records

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released May 6, 2012



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Track Name: Bottled UP
Internalize, keep it inside
I can never say what's on my mind
Can't find the right words or just don't have the guts
And I swear one day soon I'm gonna blow the fuck up

It's been bottled up for far too long now
Confidence is damaged, nothing's turning around
I'm sick of overthinking things without any action, I take a look the mirror and I just wanna smash it.
Track Name: I'd like to see you try
I'd Like To See You Try:
Listen, I know it's hard sometimes, to think for your fucking self
Your choices defined by the roles you're confined to, what happened to free will?
But I'm not like you, I'll never be like you. Try and control me, no you won't.

Just you fucking try.
Track Name: Face It
Misinformed, it makes me sick
Tabloid bullshit, inbred hicks
They took your jobs? Form your opinions, quick!
And never think to question what you're really buying into.
Who's the victim? I know it's not you.
Just accept it, they're here to stay,
Braindead fool, get the fuck out of my way.

Misinformed, it makes me sick
Divide and conquer, I know their tricks
They took your jobs? Form your opinions, quick!
And never think to question...

I won't take this anymore, ignorance down to the core.
Facts that you will have to face, or get the fuck out of my face.
Track Name: S.O.F.
Push myself up to the edge
Hit the limit, move straight ahead
Release of tension with a show of force, I can't get enough, alway pushing for more. More and more and more.

Power of will. Mind meets matter, you know the drill.
If might makes right... I'm growing stronger, I'm ready to fight.
Track Name: Focus
I can't motivate myself, a wasted life spent on the shelf
Give me focus, concentration, give my life some value,
Break me out.
Track Name: Choke
I'm trying, I'm trying, but I still can't find the words
A slave to this verbal writers block, and my voice is never heard
Calm turns to stress, but I never fucking learn.

Eat my words, grin and bear it. Clench my fists, I just can't stand it anymore.

I'm finished, I'm fucking done with choking on my words. I'm shouting at the top of my lungs, my voice needs to be heard. This is a lesson I've finally learned.
Track Name: The Choice
I've met so many critics just like you. So many people said I'd never see this through.
But don't worry yourself about what I do
Keep your shit to yourself, 'cause I'm not listening to you.

'Cause I don't need it man, I don't fucking need it.
And I'm not going anywhere, I'm taking a fucking stand.

My eyes are wide, my mind is clear, rejected all addiction and fear.
'Cause I'm not stopping, no I'm not stopping, no matter how hard you try and take me down.

Can't you fucking see it?
Don't even bother trying, you won't be able to stop this drug free youth.
Track Name: The Pack
Well we busted out of class, had to get away from those fools.
I learned more from this stupid group of kids than by following your rules.
No-one liked us, but we didn't care. You just made us stronger year by year.
Our numbers grow, just try to stop us. A mini-army wouldn't do us justice.

No-one likes us, but we don't care
And you can walk around with your nose in the air
But one day, fucker, your time will be up
It's the year of the wolf, and we're gonna fuckin' bust